Lifelong Learning Certificate of Western Horticulture


Students can either take "101 Plants to Know" or combine several plant identification classes:
"Perennials – Spring and Summer Bloomers"
"Perennials – Late Summer and Fall Bloomers",
and "Woody Plant" classes to meet certificate requirement.

The Certificate of Western Horticulture allows motivated home gardeners and those seeking entry level positions in the horticulture industry to expand their skills and understand the specific needs of Utah landscapes and gardens during all 4 seasons. Certificate enrollees will better understand design, how to successfully choose plants, and how to grow and maintain their home landscape. The diverse and seasonal curriculum will assist students in mastering gardening techniques best suited for Utah gardens through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences specific to the climate and conditions found in the West. Enjoy learning from local experts, and sharing your experiences with other like-minded gardeners.

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