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My daughter took this class last year and loved it even more this year! - Robotics

My son really enjoyed this class. He was excited to tell me everything he learned. I liked that the instructor touched on a little of engineering everything. He met some new friends too and that is always a bonus! - Engineering Matters

My son had such a great time. He loved the content and felt like he accomplished new skills. He liked his instructor and he made new friends. I see an improvement in his overall confidence level. He will definitely be back next year. - Robotics: Introduction

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. This summer, advance your understanding of one or more of these STEM fields or discover a whole new world waiting for you!

From aviation to robotics, video game programming to web design, our classes provide hands-on experiences that blur the lines between learning and having fun. Use reason, imagination, and innovation to explore your favorite STEM subject in any of our science and math classes; it all adds up to fun.

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