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a student looking at an item closely in an anatomy class

My daughter has taken various programming classes online and in the community but for the first time, she actually learned the skills to be able to do more at home. She didn't just do projects and copy the teacher to create something to impress parents. She told me every day that her brain was working hard (it is hard to challenge her). She also begged me to download the software and she has been able to work on her on!! Her instructor was so kind and approachable (important for my introverted girl). I am so happy with these results!!" -Game Design: 3D Modeling

I walked into the classroom the first day and saw books and a projector and thought to myself, oh no my boy is going to be so bored. To my surprise and delight when I picked him up he was so excited about what he had learned and it seemed like he loved every minute. He loved telling everyone that he "went to college" for the week. So great. Thank you for giving kids in our area this opportunity and putting together experiences that aren't only educational but also fun and engaging. Well done!" -What's Buggin' You?

From genetics to coding, animal science to video game design, we offer a variety of science and technology camps to fill your summer with hands-on scientific and tech savvy fun!