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My daughter enjoyed attending cooking class each day and looked forward to making dishes she could easily replicate at home. The teacher was knowledgeable and a perfect fit to teach a handful of little girls! - Chef in the Making: Mastering the Basics

Great fencing class, great instructor! My son can't wait to take more fencing classes! - Beginning Fencing

The teacher was fantastic! Motivating and funny! Just the right blend of discipline and humor, perfectly age-appropriate for the students, and helped them learn as well as really enjoy it! - Beginning Fencing

My 11 year old son loved the class! He taught his friends a bunch of new skills he learned on a recent river trip. - Outdoor Discovery: Safety & Survival

Take on these summer camps that will let you compete against yourself or against another, or against the elements. Whatever you choose, it's all about you!

Get on the playing field, strap on your fencing gear, and head into the wilderness! Whether you are a beginner or an old pro, get moving and have fun in our Sports and Recreation, and Leisure Camps

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