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Parents Club donations sustain our PATHS (Providing Access Throughout High School) program, which seeks to demonstrate that higher education is attainable. PATHS is a 4-year college access program that supports students from their first day of high school to their first day of college. The PATHS program engages students from underrepresented and low-income schools and communities and prepares them for success in their education and careers. Learn more about the impact of PATHS at

As a thank you for the support, families that make a donation are able to register for all Youth Education camps and classes before open registration begins.

Parents Club Important Info:

  • Early registration is February 6-8, 2024.
  • Secure your spot in the Parents Club by January 31st!
  • You must enroll in the Parents Club.
  • Donations of $150 qualifies one child for early registration and $25 for each additional child.
  • Parents Club donors are granted early access, but are not guaranteed placement.
  • Payment plans for camps and classes are available.

To be completely honest PATHS changed a lot for me. Not only looking forward to going to college but graduating and making our families and ourselves proud to have attended higher education. I have so many fond memories whether meeting such amazing lifelong friends that to this day I am still in contact with. I remember starting PATHS not knowing if I’d want to stay but just after 1 year I knew I would be staying with PATHS as long as I could. I am grateful for those who guided me toward PATHS and the leaders and mentors that kept me there. PATHS will forever be a part of my identity and I'm more than glad to say that. Scholarship Recipient