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Class Title Semester Date(s)
Abstract and Fine Art Photography Spring 4/02/15 - 4/23/15
Abstract Art with Alcohol Inks Summer 6/22/15
Acrylic and Oil Painting Spring 2/28/15 - 4/04/15
Advanced Watercolor Painting Spring 3/24/15 - 5/12/15
Astrophotography for the Amateur Enthusiast Spring 4/13/15 - 5/04/15
Beginning Drawing Spring, Summer Multiple
Digital Photography: An Introduction Summer Multiple
Digital Photography: Nuts and Bolts Spring, Summer Multiple
Improve Your Photography in Ten Easy Steps Summer 6/10/15
Introduction to Shooting Video Spring 4/14/15 - 5/05/15
Mixed Media Journaling Spring, Summer Multiple
Natural Light Portrait Photography Summer 6/09/15 - 6/23/15
Outdoor Photography: Boot and Shoot Summer 7/08/15 - 7/29/15
Photographing Flowers Outdoors Summer 6/06/15
Photographing People Spring 4/23/15 - 5/21/15

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