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University Partners

ArtsBridge America - College of Fine Arts

The ArtsBridge America program is an arts education outreach program that provides a valuable experience for university students to work with K-12 students. At the University of Utah, we put priority on working with Title 1 schools, and other borderline schools that lack in consistent high quality arts programming.

College of Health

The College of Health is among the largest of the colleges and schools at the University with 2,500 undergraduates and 600 graduate students. Degree options include 18 BA/BS degree emphases, 16 master’s degree programs, three clinical doctorates, and five PhD programs. This combination of graduate degrees, professional programs, and undergraduate majors uniquely positions the College to contribute to the clinical and research missions of University of Utah Health and high impact educational practices on the main campus.

College of Nursing

The College of Nursing is an integral part of University of Utah Health and the University of Utah. We are committed to working together to serve the people of Utah and beyond by continually improving the quality of life for individuals and communities. We strive for excellence in education, research, and clinical care, and each mission is vital to our overall success. Equal opportunity and belonging, independent inquiry, and collegiality form the fabric of everyday life for faculty, staff, and students.

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry, values and welcomes everyone of all backgrounds. They commit to fostering an open environment where they continue to listen to the needs of our students, staff, faculty, and greater scientific community. At our partner camps, they give students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the world of chemistry.

College of Science Department of Physics and Astronomy

The mission of the University of Utah Department of Physics & Astronomy is to advance knowledge about the appearances and interactions of energy and matter and of celestial objects and phenomena. We strive to share this knowledge with students and the wider community through a continuous effort in undergraduate and graduate teaching and by achieving research excellence in theoretical physics, experimental physics and astronomy.

The Utah Division of Games at the University of Utah

The Utah Division of Games at the University of Utah is a top-ranked program in video game education and research and is a national leader in the nascent discipline of games. The program is contributing to the definition of a new interdisciplinary informatics field that deeply integrates art, humanities, social science and computational research and practice. Our faculty have expertise in every facet of game creation, and we have consulted with top industry professionals to build a one-of-a-kind learning experience in game development.

Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers a well-balanced program in the major areas of Philosophy and has particular areas of strength in Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Practical Reason, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, International Justice and Early Modern Philosophy. At our partner camps, they give high school students a unique opportunity to engage in philosophical thought and discussion before they get to college.

Community Partners

All Together Skatepark

At ATS, we believe in the power of skateboarding to change lives for the better. We believe that skaters of all ages should be able to develop their skills in a positive and encouraging environment. We’re here to help you up when you fall. We’re here to cheer you on when you nail a new trick. We’re here for our community and we invite you to drop in any time.

Bouldering Project

We’re so much more than just a climbing gym, and when you walk through our doors, you’ll feel it. The Bouldering Projects are places where people gather, build friendships, push themselves, and build purpose. What we started back in Seattle in 2011 has now grown to Austin, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Brooklyn, Boston, DC, and Tempe. We continue to grow because we believe Bouldering Project makes places better and lives fuller.

Club Pickleball USA

Pickleball isn’t just about competition, it’s about community and a culture of friendly recreation! The Club is a place to meet new friends, strengthen existing bonds, find new business & professional relationships while building a network. The Club features lounge areas, spectating benches, merchandise, your favorite pickleball brands for gear and also snacks & drinks!

Game Night Games

Game Night Games

Game Night Games carries a large selection of strategy board games and card games, particularly Euro games such as Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride (as well as traditional games such as Chess, Go, and Backgammon). Game Night Games features an in-store gaming area and regular game nights. At our partner camps, instructors create a positive learning environment by using cooperative board and card games to engage participants.

Higher Ground Learning

Higher Ground Learning provides students with educational alternatives that stimulate the intellect and imagination. We have something for every student with our one-on-one academic tutoring, summer workshops, and test prep classes. We specialize in experiential and innovative curricula.

Learning Through Robotics

Learning Through Robotics partners with global STEM education curriculum leaders to teach and reinforce STEM concepts through “hands on” activities using robotics technology. Youth who like engineering subjects, math, and sciences will love our partner camps because of the interaction they will have with several types of robots. Participants will actually build mini robots using building models, attaching sensors and motors that are plugged into a computer and configure its behavior using a simple programming tool developed by world’s leading research institutions and robotic companies.

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake

The mission of FRIENDS is to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem and to increase public awareness and appreciation of the lake through education, research, advocacy and the arts. Our partner camps are rooted in inquiry-based learning and emphasizes learning through participation. They combine informal environmental education strategies while incorporating science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) to reinforce the Utah Common Core State Science Standards.

Salt City Swords Fencing Club

At Salt City Swords Fencing Club, our mission is to make the fun and excitement of fencing more accessible to participants of all ages and to help people discover, enjoy, and advance in our favorite sport.

We aim to not only develop each fencer’s technical skills, but also focus on meeting the physical and mental challenges that the sport provides. Fencing is a unique sport that helps build confidence, offers excellent exercise, and is just plain fun.

Salt Lake Pottery Studio

Salt Lake Pottery Studio, where clay meets community, and art intertwines with connection. We're more than a studio; we're a space dedicated to fostering creativity, forging friendships, and molding masterpieces. At Salt Lake Pottery Studio, we believe in the power of hands-on expression. Our studio serves as a haven for individuals passionate about pottery and the joy it brings. Whether you're a seasoned ceramic artist or just discovering the enchantment of the wheel, we welcome everyone to join our vibrant community.

Utah School of Magic

The Utah School of Magic is an award-winning magic camp program. Using the nationally recognized Discover Magic curriculum, they leverage the extraordinary FUN of magic to make great kids appear. While teaching key life skills through the process of learning and performing magic, they emphasize the core values of a true magician: Respectful, Prepared, Enthusiastic, Confident, Humble, Creative, Authentic, and Giving. Empowering kids by teaching them the art of magic, each magic lesson builds character, confidence, & communication skills for life.