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Subject Catalog Title Semester Location
PRTL 120 Outdoor Cooking and Camping Fall Multiple
PRTL 133 Backpack Fly Fishing in Southern Utah Fall SANDY 105
PRTL 150 Nature Photography Backpacking Fall Multiple
PRTL 160 Pistol Marksmanship Fall Multiple
PRTL 161 Rifle Marksmanship Fall Multiple
PRTL 219 Day Hikes Wasatch Fall HPR N 238
PRTL 220 Backpacking: Autumn Fall Multiple
PRTL 221 Backpacking Lake Powell Area Fall HPR N 226
PRTL 224 Backpacking: Desert Fall HPR N 242
PRTL 230 Rock Climbing I Fall Multiple
PRTL 231 Rock Climbing II Fall BEH S 113
PRTL 232 Rock Climbing III Fall HPR N 225
PRTL 233 Rock Climbing IV Fall HPR N 225
PRTL 237 Rock Climbing I: Indoor Fall HPR N 238
PRTL 241 Mountain Bike Day Rides Fall HPR N 242

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