The Universe for Future Scientists (Age 14-17)
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Come explore the universe and become an Astronomer for a week! During the day, you'll go deep into learning about galaxies, stars, dark matter, black holes and more! This camp will help shed some light on the so-called darkness of the universe and delve into the physics of these objects. You'll attend personal lectures from U of U astronomers and demos to help demonstrate the physical properties of objects we can only see through a telescope. Speaking of telescopes, each night you'll learn how to use the telescopes at the U's own Observatory to see objects with your eye and take genuine data with astronomical cameras and spectrographs. Best of all, you'll be able to help run a public star party and show visitors some of the amazing things you've learned!

Join the ranks of Sir Isaac Newton and Vera Rubin by exploring the final frontier and go further than you've gone before.

Who Should Attend

  • Future Astronomers, Physicists, Astronauts, Engineers, or any student interested in learning about the field in general.
  • Inquisitive high school students eager to explore future majors and undergraduate research opportunities at the University of Utah.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the cosmos through hands-on experiential learning and discovery.
  • Use telescopes, cameras, and spectrographs to gather data and analyze the cosmos like astronomers do.
  • Build an apparatus to observe alpha particles and explore the mysteries of the highest energy particles ever observed.
  • Learn techniques used by the Telescope Array Cosmic Ray Project.
  • Study with scientists who are working on the largest cosmic ray observatory in the northern hemisphere.
  • Attend in-depth lectures about galaxies, stars, and dark matter with exciting demos from U of U astronomers.

Co-sponsored with the Department of Physics & Astronomy.

Field Trip to Stansbury Park Observatory Complex

We'll kick off the start of camp by showing you the universe you're about to explore! Experience a night with the Salt Lake Astronomical Society at the Stansbury Park Observatory Complex, where the skies are dark enough to see details in galaxies and nebulae yet close enough for easy travel.

Start Your College Adventure!

Need a staycation from the family and want to experience the dorm life? Join Youth Education this summer for an epic college experience. Spend a week staying on campus meeting new friends, exploring future majors and careers, and network with U of U faculty and students. In your downtime, campus is your playground – dine at the Union and Heritage Center, roast marshmallows at Lassonde’s fire pit, and hangout with your new friends. By the end of camp, the University of Utah will feel like home.

Benefits of Living on Campus

  • Take your first step to independence and ease your way into university life.
  • Experience living with a diverse group of students that will expand your social knowledge outside the classroom.
  • Develop a sense of community and belonging, and start shaping your connection with the University of Utah.
  • Make friends, set academic goals and start planning your college life.

Where You Will Be Staying

Lassonde Studios, the newest and most innovative students housing on campus. Want to check out the space?

Take a Virtual Tour


Questions? Call Youth Education at 801-581-6984 or use our online form.

Class Sections For The Universe for Future Scientists (Age 14-17) (YEHS 453)

Summer 2019 Section 1, Starting on: 06/10/2019

This is an overnight camp, students stay on campus in the Lassonde Studios for the week. Price includes room and board, activities and material fees.

Date(s) Day Time Location
06/10/19 - 06/14/19 MTWThF CAMPUS
Tuition: $451.00 + Special Fee: $399.00 = $850.00      


This section is currently full.

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Questions? Call Youth Education at 801-581-6984 or use our online form.

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